Over the summer I have made an attempt to ‘keep my creative juices flowing’ by consistently updating my pinterest, the images I have pinned are photos that I like, interest me, inspire me or are simply aesthetically pleasing. I have, in addition pinned photos that will be of assistance to my chosen direction for second year, namely lasercut and prints:


My favourite’s at New Designers!

I have selected a couple student’s work from the New Designer’s exhibition which remained in my memory, they both are quite similar in their femininity which I think drew me to them.Image

This is a quite photo I took of a student from Norwich University college of the Arts design work. I spoke to designer of these pieces in which she explained the inspiration and colour palette of choice. The end product is evidently explained which I thought worked well together!




Unfortunately I can’t remember the school of student’s name but I was instantly drawn to the colours and perhaps purity of these designs. It might be because they are very Karen Millen – especially as they share similarities to KM’s SS13 blue floral garments:Image


As a collection in the photoshoot I feel they are really strong collectively with the injection of colour against the purity of the white, I could see this collection within a high end fashion brand. Looking at these designs makes me excited to begin my own practice in September.