Digital Textiles are the Future in Fashion

Even though this article dates back to 2010 I think its information is still just as, if not more relevant today! It says how digital textile fabrics are continuing to to dominant fashion designer work and how the money spent on digital design will continue to grow! If creates exciting prospects for retailers, with technologies becoming more and more available and relevant for R&D of new season products! Not only is it exciting for them, but it forms great opportunities for all textile designers too! Here’s the link:


Initial design Development stages of the project

These are two images of my first pieces of design work using the laser cutting machine. They are very basic and there is a lot I am aiming to explore further but I am pleased with the outcome of my first attempts. They reflect the elements I wish to incorporate, in relation to my market research – mirrored motifs, symmetry, and baroque-like patterns. Image lImage

Karen Millen collection A/W 13




Loving this Karen Millen long sleeve maxi dress with intricate all over embroidered and hand beaded bodice. It’s part of their winter collection which I would love for a formal winter event! Its high neckline and sheer sleeves creates elegance and femininity, with beautiful, intricate detailing on the chest and back creates an innovative design. Its priced at £695!