Karen Millen: The Drapers Interview – Mike Shearwood & Gemma Metheringham

Engaging article by James Knowles about the growth of Karen Millen as a brand. Interesting to hear about KM’s lack of brand identity in terms of its casual wear and Shearwood’s and Metheringham’s intentions to revitalise this aspect of the business. 


Karen Millen’s Tropical collection

This season, tropical floral prints have dominated the market, with most retailers incorporating some kind of tropical plant into their prints. I believe the best example of this is by Karen Millen. Many of their products have used digitally printed designs which are mirrored. The vibrant colours are truly a step ahead of competitors and there is still a high level of glamour as expected from KM. Unlike some similar products on the market, KM’s jungle collection has strong impact from its highly intricate printed design and the intensity of the colours, which has been achieved with sophistication and strong distinction to competitors. 


The images are from: http://www.karenmillen.com/urban_botanics/content/fcp-content which shows the collection! 

Warehouse Double-ups!

Always been a huge fan of Warehouse and this season they have offered printed co-ords which they have displayed on their website together, the prints are fun and there is so a lot of choice. Not many other brands have offered this and if they have, they haven’t made the most of showing them as an outfit, the link to view them is below: