V&A: The Glamour of Italian Fashion exhibition

I loved this exhibition at the V&A museum, and although no photos, notes or sketches were allowed to be taken during the exhbition, I thought carefully about what caught my attention afterwards:

I absolutely loved the jewellery on display worn by Elizabeth Taylor – diamond and emerald, necklace, ring and a brooch she wore as a hair accessory, they were given by two of her husband’s at different time in which one of her husband’s, Richard Burton once said: “The only word Elizabeth knows in Italian is ‘Bulgari,’”.

I paid particular attention to what was written on the behaviour of buyers during the 1950s – 60s era, looking at what caught the attention of buyers and where they travelled to and from internationally. I found this really interesting, especially the scale they were going to and from during this era and the power of italian fashion has on buyers at this time.

Roberto Cavalli, a renowned italian designer had some of his work displayed. He is acknowledged for his work with leather and I especially like the printed leather, in which a dark brown had white and green print work on its surface.

As the exhibition progressed, it brought the viewer’s to modern times – I loved the work of Fausto Puglisi, which had a blue palm tree print top combined with gold embellishment over the top. It stayed very true to the italian style but with the moden trends in mind.

A short video clip was shown at the very end in which different perspectives of the future of the italian industry were given by different employees in fashion. It mainly aimed to answer: what will ‘Made in Italy’ mean in the future? It spoke about economical, social issues in Italy today, as well as mentioning how the government don’t really support the work of the fashion industry, yet the amount of money it brings to the country doesn’t suffice this. It’s all take and no give.

About the exhbibition: http://www.vam.ac.uk/content/exhibitions/exhibition-the-glamour-of-italian-fashion-1945-2014/inside-the-exhibition/

interesting video from the Director of Bulgari: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DgeY1-d67U4


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