Manuel Facchini – London Fashion Week

I was introduced to a designer I hadn’t heard of thanks to this year’s LFW – Manuel Facchini. I loved the collection he showed! The collection had a strong artistic yet practical feel, combining lots of fabric manipulation, which was influenced by strong innovations of forms and concepts. The collection is said to ‘blend apparently irreconciliable worlds: gothic rock and sports, intended as processing techniques and architecture , that are united through an unusual new conceptual and innovative interpretation.’

I was drawn to the gothic style, which contrasts with lightness, yet has a strong architectural feel, but still reminds me of insects!

See the collection here:

More about the collections from LFW’s official website:
Patterns, which are the real protagonist of the collection and a silent tribute to art, are created through the use of jacquards, personalized prints, and placed motifs.
The collection was designed for a determined, modern, multi-faced, cosmopolitan woman who feels at ease in any situation. Cultured and vibrant, she has two souls: sporty-chic by day and dark rock by night, but she’s always absolutely sophisticated.
Manuel Facchini’s story is expressed through his collections in an explosive mix of cultures and countercultures that range from Victorian England to Life on Mars, from the gothic moods of Northern Europe to Hollywood glamour. The synthesis of these elements gives his clothes pure,geometric,sculptural aesthetics for an absolute ideal of beauty.
mf mf1 mf2

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