Drapers – Inditex controls the whereabouts of more than 1 billion garments

I read an article from Drapers about how Inditex produce over 1 billion garments a year! The article speaks about Radio Frequency Identification to find out every garments whereabouts. Read the article here: http://uk.fashionmag.com/news/Inditex-controls-the-whereabouts-of-more-than-1-billion-garments,669269.html#utm_source=newsletter&utm_medium=email

I am always fascinated to hear about Zara’s actions and plans, being such as innovative brand, they never cease to amaze me with their innovations.


WTIN analytics

My uni recently acquired full access to the World Textile Information Network website: ww.wtin.com.

It was really interesting to research and roam about the site to see its content. I found several interesting articles regarding development and changes in the textile industry. For example, Pakistan textile and garment exports have shrunk, China polyester production grows and Indian cotton prices have continued to increase. I enjoyed reading these articles to stay up to date with recent worldwide happenings in the textile industry, to broaden my understanding.

I look forward to looking at this resource as research for my course and to keep informed with the industry.


link: http://www.wtin.com/article/2016/january/180116/china-textile-and-garment-exports-shrink-in-2015/