Erdem Spring 2015 RTW

erdem1 erdem2


Fallen in love with this collection after having a browse at recent designers work ready for my final year collection. I really admire the consistent use in colour which I struggle to condense in my own work. Each look is different but is brought together through colour which makes each design sit together collectively. The harmonious tones have made me think about my own colour palette and how to emulate this myself. Erdem are a strong influence I will look into as inspiration for my own design work in my fourth year.


Erdem love!



I have always been fond of Erdem, I especially love their choice of colour being quite muted and soft with injection of vibrant yet sophisticated tones. In particular, this Autumn/Winter 2014-15 by them really caught my eye. Perhaps it is because I could see these trends and prints being translated into high street wear. The small scale prints and lace is really intricate and delicate forming a feminine design which is something I would like to portray in my design work this semester. Cant wait!