Karen Millen S/S16 preview

Whilst conducting market research for my design module a uni, I looked on Karen Millen’s website to see insight into their S/S16 collection inspiration. Looking at this has been really influential for my design brief. Karen Millen’s prints were inspired by artists such as Rothko, Katharina Grosse and Bridget Riley. Some prints were really abstract, with painterly qualities or tropical botanicals. As I have been exploring similar themes in my work, it is really interesting seeing similar designs being designed for a similar target market I am designing for. I am looking forward to seeing these products in store!

View KM’s website: http://www.karenmillen.com/trend-prints/content/fcp-content

Liberty in Fashion exhibition at the F&T museum

I went to the Liberty in Fashion exhibition at the Fashion and Textile museum at London bridge and loved it. It displayed the history of the company, with its beginnings of selling imported textiles from the East, as the way to its present day, renowned for their distinctive and vibrant prints. I really liked the way the colour was introduced and grew over time – there were some amazing, bright colours on display. This has given me strong inspiration for my final semester design collection, but also thinking about design and supply for my career aspirations. I’d really recommend going, especially if you loved watching the Liberty’s TV programme that aired in 2013!

Fashion for 2016!

Loved seeing this article come up on my facebook timeline – ‘what we’re looking forward to in 2016’.  I especially can’t wait to see the rebrand of Warehouse! Exciting things to come this year!


Online vs in store shopping

As the Christmas period is over and the New Year is here, I am starting to back into the swing of my dissertation for uni! I am looking into consumer perception of sensory marketing, namely tactile marketing and its impact on buying behaviour and purchase decisions in women’s fashion. A huge part of this topic is the ‘battle’ between clothes shopping online and shopping in store.

For my literature review research, I was advised by my supervisor to watch ‘Robert Peston Goes Shopping’ which aired in September 2013 on BBC. The link can be found here: http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b039w4lt/robert-peston-goes-shopping-3-revolution.

The documentary reveals how shopping in Britain has transformed over the 20th century, focusing on how the highstreet is coping with online shopping. The growth rate of the internet has had a dramatic effect on the highstreet arguing that it has fallen behind on convenience, pricing, service, which is what consumers demand today.

Peston goes on to discuss how the highstreet needs to combine the best parts of online shopping and the best parts of instore experience, rather than seeing the internet as a lethal threat.

What I found really interesting was the predictions on the future of retail. Essentially the documentary spoke about a new system called ‘tapestry’, in which consumers will use their mobiles in store to scan products they are interested in. This will ultimately convert instore browsing into purchases. Scanning the item will bring up more about it, such as where it was made, what bloggers have said about the product etc. therefore interacting with the retailer.

In essence, future stores will become showrooms, where consumers will just touch and feel products, then buy them online later once they have left the store. This may be with discount codes, so at a cheaper price.

After watching the programme, I got an email from Drapers about brick-and-mortars stores and online shopping over the christmas season, which was fascinating to read, having watched the programme!

Here is the link: http://www.drapersonline.com/newsletter/news/bricks-and-mortar-sales-boosted-on-boxing-day/7003376.article?WT.tsrc=email&WT.mc_id=Newsletter387&cm_ven=ExactTarget&cm_cat=DR+Daily+



Draper’s most recent articles

I have been keeping up to date with the latest happenings in the industry and found these articles the most interesting – interesting to see M&S boosting their digitial presence through hiring the founder of shazam, Reiss is continuing to grow internationally and Burberry and Mario Testino presented a live photoshoot on Snapchat. Always fun to get these email daily and read them before I start my day…




Average UK shopping trip now takes over four hours, research finds

As I am now back at university and starting to think about my dissertation project, I found this article really interesting to consider. I am researching into sensory marketing/namely tactile marketing and the affects this has on consumer behaviour.

Article can be found: http://uk.fashionmag.com/news/Average-UK-shopping-trip-now-takes-over-four-hours-research-finds,545967.html#utm_source=newsletter&utm_medium=email

Hammerson, the UK property specialist, has just released its 2015 retail report “Shopper Tribes.”

The average shopping journey in the UK now takes over four hours, the report found. This includes browsing, researching, checking prices and purchasing, and nearly 40% of it is spent in stores.

Photo: Hammerson

The survey divides shoppers into three groups: Channel Surfing Enthusiasts, aged 18-34 and 35-54, and Focused Functional Spenders, aged 55+. The youngest group are the keenest shoppers, but the 35-54-year-olds spend the most as a group.

Multichannel shopping is more common than ever, with most (86%) now using two or more channels. Of the younger shoppers, 24% use four or more channels and over half (58%) use mobile or tablet devices whilst shopping.

The survey also found that Black Friday and “half price” were the most effective promotions.

David Atkins, CEO at Hammerson, said: “In many ways, the proliferation of research tools and digital innovations has democratised shopping, empowering consumers but also giving retailers numerous touch points to reach their customers and engage with them along the journey.  With nearly two fifths of this shopping time spent in store, there is a real opportunity for retailers to showcase a proposition that is unmatched in the online world, and for landlords to provide experiences beyond pure retail that capture and extend customer dwell-time.”