Adam Lippes Fall 2015 RTW collection

Stumbled across Adam Lippes and fell in love with this collection – love the variation across the collection but the way it comes together collectively. His collection really portrays understated luxury which really suits the way I like to work with my uni projects – he uses lots of clean tailoring and neutral tones. Florals have never been a huge like for me, but Lippes’s use of colour and style has been done to my taste, which is something I would like to consider in my final year uni project. The use of texture – wools, knits, cashmere, tweed etc creates a really strong sensory response to his collection which is something I would like to explore in my dissertation.

I have found Lippes’s collection to be a strong starting point to begin thinking about returning to my final year at uni and has given me strong influences to look into and research.

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Brand Rankings: H&M, Zara and Uniqlo continue to rise

After looking into Brand Rankings in one of my second year modules at university, I am always keen to see rankings of fashion brands – It is Brand Finance turn to release its annual ranking of the most valuable brands in the world. Among the most powerful companies, the Global 500 2015 includes Amazon (7th place), Facebook (30), Nike (31) and Ikea (51). Chinese online sales giant Alibaba, meanwhile, has also joined the ranking, going directly to 107.

In relation to fashion and luxury brands, the top brands are H&M (71), Zara (142), Hermès (181), Adidas (185), Gucci (188), Cartier (193) and Uniqlo (207). Also included are Louis Vuitton (217) Rolex (251), Michal Kors (253), Marks & Spencer (274), Chanel (278) Prada (297) Polo Ralph Lauren (301), Burberry (306), and Victoria’s Secret (245).

From these findings I like to keep up to date with the brands to see what they are doing to get themselves to their position in the rankings, especially high street companies like Zara and H&M!

Interesting articles I’ve stumbled across

I’m always keeping an eye on articles related to fashion retailers, simply to see the latest going-ons in the industry! I get emails sent everyday and I always take a quick look on my train to see. Over the last few weeks, I found these the most interesting to read! A mixture of positive and negative news as usual:

Primark sales increase 15% with ‘strong’ Christmas trading

Gap cuts design chief job as sales slowdown continues,460374.html#utm_source=newsletter&utm_medium=email

Pure London welcomes strong mix of retailers, Chinese buyers,463705.html#utm_source=newsletter&utm_medium=email

Textile factory: traumatising immersion for three fashion bloggers,463705.html#utm_source=newsletter&utm_medium=email

Ted Baker: Interesting interview with Ray Kelvin,453879.html#utm_source=newsletter&utm_medium=email

Having done a placement within the Buying department at Ted Baker, I found this article a really good read. It’s exciting to see the brand entering so many new markets, where so far they have been viable, despite the same global identity. Having studied Globalisation of brands in a university module and learning the importance of globalisation that is far from standardised, Ted Baker seem to understand and know what they’re doing!

It’s really intriguing to see how Kelvin works, especially of what I could see around the office! I love seeing Ted Baker’s quirky, highly distinguished brand image and I can’t wait to see their progress!

Adam Lippes Resort 2015 collection

Featured imageFeatured imageFeatured image

Love this collection! See the photos:

“Continuing to evolve his refined vision of American sportswear, Resort found Adam Lippes in a relaxed mood influenced by French visual artist Willy Daro’s decorativeobjets, which fuse together natural metals and stones. That inspiration was reflected in the collection’s emphasis on organic shapes, particularly evident in easy pieces such as paper-bag-waisted trousers, fluid silk slip or wrap dresses, and soft double-knit merino ponchos. Daro’s works also gave rise to the graphic foliage print found on Lippes’ boxy, thigh-grazing shift, which would look terrific with a pair of flats. Keeping in mind the season’s early November delivery window, Lippes was sure to offer plenty of transitional outerwear to take his customer into the colder months. Highlights included an unconstructed topper cut from ivory wool, backed in duchesse, as well as “monastic,” robe-like coats (in either boudoir-ready satin or luxe, brushed cashmere) with open slits along the sides that imparted a dynamic movement. Elsewhere, Lippes continued to elevate denim—a relatively new category that has met with retail success—in the form of boxy chambray tunics and indigo wrap skirts, which communicated an easy elegance that wasn’t too fussy.”